Gather all mandatory documents, marked by an asterisk (*) in steps 2 and 3 below, prior to applying for a permit at the Urban Planning counter; otherwise the opening of a file will be denied.

Only a licensed plumber may request a plumbing permit, no application submitted by the resident or his/her representative will be accepted.

A plumbing permit is not required for a gas hot water tank. However, an electric hot water tank does require a plumbing permit.

Required documents for review:

  • *A letter describing the scope of the proposed work;
  • *A letter from the association of co-owners authorizing the proposed modification;
  • *A sketch showing the fixtures to be replaced;
  • *A cost estimate for the proposed work before taxes;
  • *The RBQ number of your plumbing company.

The following documents may also be required:

  • A copy of a recent certificate of location showing the current conditions of the property;

In case of sewer work, the water entry location must be indicated on the certificate of location.

This list is a summary. Please note that additional documents or information may be required in order to provide a better understanding of the project and contribute to the request process. (By-Law #1300, article 65, point 14o)

Once you have gathered all the information:

  • The plumber must contact the plumbing inspector to obtain the permit (Tom Souleles, Plumbing Inspector | 514 989-5348 |
  • Only the plumber may apply for and obtain the permit.
  • The permit fee consists of a $45 flat fee plus $16,50 per fixture (same applies to sewer and water entry).