What to do if your drinking water is discoloured

Is the tap water colored? Is it yellowish, brownish, grayish or reddish (rusty)?
Normally, this situation is short-lived and can be easily remedied by following these instructions before consuming the water.

The yellowish, reddish, brownish or greyish discoloration of the water is mainly caused by the oxidation of iron, forming rust, in the drinking water pipes. This rust can come off when equipment is inspected or when repair work is done on the distribution system and cause the water to become discolored.

Instructions to follow:
– Open the cold water tap. At home, use the bathtub faucet, otherwise use the kitchen sink faucet. If your building (e.g., a business) does not have a bathtub or kitchen sink, use the one you have.
– If the faucet has an aerator, unscrew the spout beforehand to remove it.
– Let the cold water run for a few minutes until it is clear. You can then use it.
– To avoid staining fabrics or damaging your appliances, make sure the water is colourless before doing your laundry or using an appliance that runs on water.

Does the staining persist?
If the staining persists, contact 311.