Westmount’s Farm Stand at Prince Albert Square

The City of Westmount is pleased to invite you to a weekly farm stand at Prince Albert Square on Thursdays between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., where you will find fresh organic vegetables. Cancelled if weather is inclement. Don’t forget your reusable bags.

La Ferme Complètement Légume

A matter of passion …

The Complètement Légume Farm was recently created by three young women passionate about organic farming. The company began with a promising opportunity: several restaurant chefs were seeking growers to create a garden just for them. We rented a plot of land and cultivated a variety of vegetables for restaurants, and then got absolutely hooked! For us, growing a diverse selection of vegetables is an exciting challenge, an endless learning curve and a constantly changing cycle week by week. We became Complètement Légume, and established ourselves as a business in 2017. We now produce over a hundred varieties of organic vegetables, which are sold to restaurants, nearby farms, and most importantly, to nearby families. As a proud member of the Family Farmers Network, we are delighted to share our passion with more than 200 families, friends and colleagues in the greater Montreal area and the Laurentians.


À votre santé!

Stéphanie, Gabrielle and Amélie, farmers