Westmount Public Library

4574 Sherbrooke Street West, H3Z 1G1 (at Arlington)

514 989-5300

The Westmount Public Library celebrated its centennial in 1999. In the 100 years since architect Robert Findlay’s vision was made reality, his building has been restored and expanded. A children’s pavilion was added to the original building in 1911, and a south addition was constructed in 1924. The interior was refurbished and modernized in the mid-30s and the Annex, which would later house the children’s collection, was built in 1959.

A major restoration and expansion project was completed in 1995, which returned the Library to its former glory. The Library retained its physical link to the Greenhouse and Conservatory. This link was extended west in 1999 to Victoria Hall.

Canadian Artifact: The Totem Pole

One notable Canadian artifact on display in the Reference Department of the Library is a 12-foot totem pole from British Columbia. Dating back to the 1920s, the totem’s original paint colours have faded with time and exposure to the elements.