Westmount mourns former Mayor, Brian O’Neill Gallery

Brian O’Neill Gallery, BA, LLD (Hon.), M.S.D.

It is with great sadness that we mourn Brian O’Neill Gallery, former Mayor of Westmount. Brian passed away in Knowlton, Quebec, on Saturday, January 23, 2021, at the age of 86, surrounded by his family.

In honour of Brian, the City of Westmount’s flag will be flown at half-mast.

Brian was a man of integrity, distinction, and great Irish charm. His love of family and community were the common threads that ran through his life. From his multiple accomplishments, he won a seat on Westmount City Council in 1975, and after eight years as City Councillor, he served as Mayor for four years.

“When Brian became Mayor in 1983, he found himself joined on City Council by eight neophyte Councillors, including me. He immediately played the role of head coach, nudging us in the right direction without giving directives. He was a force of nature who was generous, warm, and full of energy.” Former Mayor of Westmount, Peter F. Trent

Amongst his many honours, Brian was honoured for his philanthropic and civic contributions by receiving two Queen Elizabeth Commemorative Medals for her Golden and Diamond Jubilees. As recently as 2018, the Governor-General of Canada awarded Brian the Meritorious Service Medal which recognizes ‘great Canadians for exceptional deeds that bring honour to their country’.

“Brian Gallery was a true public servant, he loved his community, and he worked hard to ensure its success. He believed strongly in giving back, and Westmount benefited greatly from his leadership. When I became a Councillor and then, Mayor, Brian was always so generous with his time and advice to me. I am so grateful to him for that. His legacy of philanthropy and community leadership lives on in his three daughters and grandchildren. And his pride in watching his daughter Mary be sworn in as a City Councillor was evident for all to see. My condolences to his wife Nancy and the entire Gallery family as they mourn the loss of Brian but also celebrate a life that was well lived.” Mayor Christina M. Smith