Westmount Greenhouse Restoration Project – Update

The restoration of the Greenhouses is underway as planned. Following the re-launch of the design process in September 2019, a new Design team (Affleck de la Riva, architects) has established a project schedule in which the design phase extends until May 2020. This phase will be followed by a public tender for the execution phase of the project. Execution work is expected to start in July 2020 for a period of 6 to 8 months according to a provisional estimate.

The scope of the project remains as initially planned: a complete restoration of the envelope, a new design and refurbishment of the interior spaces. The project corresponds to the projected usage of the building and is consistent with the option developed by the firm “Nadeau Nadeau Blondin, architects” earlier in 2019.

This restoration project involves a high level of complexity due to the unique nature of the structure. A number of phases and milestones of the project also depend on external factors such as the market, the availability of qualified contractors and the manufacturing time of the wood and glass components. In this context, the City of Westmount is making every effort to ensure that the project is completed on schedule so that City residents and visitors can once again enjoy the Greenhouses.

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