Westmount Composting programme – Phase 2

Westmount invites all multi-dwelling buildings of 9 to 30 units to participate in PHASE 2 of its composting programme.

The City encourages residents to consider that food is not garbage and congratulates the multi-dwelling buildings located at the following addresses that have already joined PHASE 2 of the programme:

  • 435-439 Grosvenor Av.
  • 300 Lansdowne Av.
  • 4216 de Maisonneuve Blvd.
  • 4160-4162 Sherbrooke St.
  • 4200 Sherbrooke St.
  • 4656 Sherbrooke St.
  • 4943 Sherbrooke St.
  • 414 Victoria Av.
  • 10 York St.

Phase map-participating buildings

Protecting the environment starts at home!
In Quebec, nearly 60% of waste is organic matter which could be easily recuperated. Composting keeps inedible food scraps and other items soiled with food out of landfills, promotes soil health, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2010, the City has been committed to implementing this program with the support of Westmount’s residents. In 2019 alone, the City diverted 567.92 metric tons of food waste from landfills.

For more information or to join the programme, please consult westmount.org/greenbin or contact us at environment@westmount.org.