Westmount adds new accessible picnic tables in the parks

The City of Westmount understands the importance of providing public spaces that serve the various needs of our community. In keeping with this goal, the City has purchased nine new accessible picnic tables, which have been installed throughout its parks and public areas. These tables can easily accommodate wheelchairs, which allows for a more inclusive experience.

You may find these new tables, including:

  • One in Prince Albert Park, along the main path by the accessible playground equipment
  • One in Stayner Park, along the pathway between the splash pad and playground
  • One in King George Park, along Murray Place next to the path
  • One in the WAG, near the comfort station next to the tennis court
  • One in Devon Park, along the main path from Upper Lansdowne
  • Two on Greene Avenue, near the parklettes
  • Three in Westmount Park, on the island, near the ping pong tables and the comfort station