Ville de Montréal: interruption of water supply on Av. Lansdowne on Decembre 7

Underground work is underway on the water supply system, requiring the Ville de Montréal to interrupt the supply of drinking water on Av. Lansdowne between Rue Sherbrooke Ouest and Boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest. If your building is affected, you will have received a door hanger 48 hours in advance.


  • Thursday, December 7
  • Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Approximate duration: 4 hours

Adresses affected:

  • 300 to 398, Avenue Lansdowne
  • 4626, 4646 and 4650, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
  • 4695, Boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest

What to do:

  • Before:
    • Keep water in the fridge for cooking, drinking, etc;
    • Fill your bathtub with water so you can pour it into your toilet tank to keep your toilet flushing.
  • During the interruption:
    • Avoid using hot water because if your water heater empties, the elements will overheat.
  • Upon return to service:
    • If the water is cloudy or coloured, let the cold water run until it becomes clear;
    • If your faucet is equipped with an aerator, unscrew the nozzle first to remove it.


  • 514 872-3777