Ville de Montréal: Occasional obstructions at Sainte-Catherine and Atwater intersection from April 26 to May 5

Occasional and partial road obstructions are planned at the intersection of Rue Sainte-Catherine O. and Avenue Atwater as part of preparatory public works projects. The obstructions will be in place from April 26 to 28, as well as from May 3 to 5, from Friday evening to Monday morning.

Exploratory excavations will be carried out at the intersection of Sainte-Catherine O. and Atwater to plan future work on underground infrastructure. Gaining a more detailed understanding of the location of existing infrastructure will help minimize unforeseen events and economic risks during the execution of future work.

Traffic and parking

  • Complete obstruction of Atwater Avenue northbound, between Rue Sainte-Catherine O and Boulevard De Maisonneuve. Signage will indicate detour routes.
  • Occasional and partial obstructions at other intersections of rue Sainte-Catherine O and avenue Atwater.
  • Occasional ban on parking near each excavation zone.
  • Deliveries can be unloaded as usual.

Mobility and active travel

  • Facilities planned for pedestrian traffic ensuring access to businesses and buildings at all times.

The construction site: schedule and work

  • Schedule: Friday evening to Monday morning: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the possibility of 24 hours a day. The extended schedule will be used to minimize the impacts of interventions during the day. For example, work in front of the entrance to buildings will be carried out outside peak hours.
  • Waste and recyclable materials: waste and recycling collections will continue according to the usual schedule.

This is the information available to date. This communication will be updated in the event of changes or new incidences.

Consult the work notice for more details.

Information: 514 872-3777