Urban Planning: Analysis of the permitting process report

The City of Westmount’s Urban Planning Department processes a very large volume of permit applications and has great difficulty doing so with the human, material and information resources it currently has at its disposal and in compliance with the terms and conditions imposed on it, notably in terms of the regulatory obligation regarding file processing timeframes.

A number of residents took the opportunity of the 2017 election year to express their dissatisfaction, even frustration, with the cumbersome, complex, time-consuming and iterative nature of the permit analysis process.

The mandate of the École national d’administration publique’s (ENAP) Organization Services Directorate was to conduct a detailed analysis of the permitting process at the City of Westmount, recognized as a pioneer in heritage protection.

For more information, please view the following documents: the ENAP report, the Executive Summary of the ENAP report and the Urban Planning Department’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.