Tree removal is necessary

Many residents have noticed that the City of Westmount is proceeding to the felling of some public trees in Westmount. All measures are taken to protect and care for these trees for as long as possible. However, tree removal is necessary  to ensure a robust, abundant and biologically-diverse forest.

Westmount is committed to the ongoing observation, evaluation, and maintenance of its trees, replacing them when necessary. Evaluating the health of a tree is not a simple process; it involves specialized equipment and professional expertise. It may result in the detection of structural problems or a diagnosis of a disease that reduces the tree’s vigour and negatively impacts the growth of other trees around it. In recent years, the Emerald Ash Borer has killed Ash trees, causing immense damage to wild and urban forests in the northeast part of the continent. In some cases, the felling of some sick or infested trees is inevitable. More information