Tree Felling and Pruning at Summit Woods as of February 24

For safety reasons, the City of Westmount will undertake felling and pruning work at Summit Woods starting February 24, 2021. The work will spread over several weeks. The date and duration of the work are subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Several trees at Summit Woods have died, including most ash trees due to the Emerald Ash Borer. For the safety of citizens and the health of the woodlot, these trees must be felled. An urban forestry engineering firm conducted an analysis to identify the interventions required to make the woodlot safer and revitalize its nature.

Because of its scope, the project will be carried out in many phases. The first and most urgent phase will be safety felling and pruning everywhere along the edge of Summit Circle, Belvedere Road and near homes in contact with the woodlot. In the coming years, other phases of the project will be carried out to secure all the trails. Special attention will be paid to protecting the environment and conserving the wilderness. The work will be done without the use of heavy machinery and with minimal damage to the woodlot.

A characterization of the forest is underway to study regeneration and to prepare an optimal reforestation and invasive plant control plan.