Thinking of redoing your windows and doors?

Windows and doors are important architectural features that improve the appearance and value of your home. Westmount is fortunate to still have many original windows and doors preserved. Please consider the following information before replacing your windows and doors:

  • 1. Maintaining original windows and doors whenever possible extends their life and contributes to the architectural value of the building. Maintenance is generally the most cost efficient approach over the long term and does not require a permit.
  • 2. Repairing and restoring original windows and doors rather than a replacement is a sustainable and cost efficient solution. Contact a carpenter or an expert in restoration to repair and restore your original windows. The repair of original windows does not require a permit.
  • 3. If it is impossible to preserve or restore original windows and doors; a demonstration must be made why the replacement is appropriate (detailed pictures and a written report). The replacement of windows and doors in Westmount requires a permit.
  • 4. Ensure that window and door replacements match the original design and divisions. Copies of original construction drawings for many homes in Westmount can be found by visiting the city archives at our urban planning counter. This will help you to better understand the architectural intention of the original design. If original construction drawings do not exist, a historical research might be appropriate to determine the replacement design.

Heritage conservation and energy efficiency are compatible!
Original windows and doors were often conceived to reduce heating costs (double-sash, storm window system, vestibule, etc.) and, if repaired and restored, can be equivalent to current window models.

Heritage conservation means sustainability!
Original wood windows can last over a hundred years when they have been sufficiently maintained.

For further information on windows and doors, please consult the City guideline on windows and doors. For further information about the permit process, please consult the section of the Urban Planning Department or contact the city at 514-989-5219.