The future of Houses of Worship

Westmount, July 4, 2018 – The City of Westmount has launched a discussion process concerning the future of Houses of Worship within its territory. Initiated by the City’s Local Heritage Council in 2015, the process to date has involved the preparation of inventories and studies. The City is also in dialogue with the congregations that own the Houses of Worship.

Preserving heritage values for Houses of Worship is a challenge everywhere in Quebec. Westmount’s thirteen Houses of Worship, all of which played a major role in the City’s development, will need to adapt and may consider repurposing their buildings for alternate uses.

The City would like to see these important community landmarks continue to play a part in Westmount’s future. To this end, it will consider regulatory tools and other means to provide a framework for potential new building uses that will ensure the ongoing vitality of the Houses of Worship within its territory.

Westmount believes this discussion process should be open to the entire community. By Fall 2018, citizens will have access via the municipal website to studies concerning the heritage values of its local Houses of Worship. The public will also be invited to share concerns and ideas as part of a consultation process that aims to increase local appreciation for these historic places as well as a better understanding of the challenges and the potential for the conservation of those buildings.

For more information concerning this process, please consult the Heritage section.