Services to business


The City of Westmount has compiled a list and interactive map of businesses on its territory that are offering services and goods during this COVID-19 period.

Owners of businesses deemed essential and located in Westmount may register to be included on this list by completing the online form.


  • Remove all valuables from storefront displays.
  • Remove all cash from cash registers and leave it open with the cash tray out and visibly empty.
  • Ensure alarm systems are working and that all contact lists are up to date.
  • Post on doors and windows that the premises are monitored by an alarm company and that no money is kept onsite.
  • Clean all windows and floors before leaving and note when you’ve done so. This will help investigators should there be a break-in.
  • Consider installing a surveillance or security system that can be monitored remotely.
  • Consider installing security film on your windows or glass to help prevent easy entry.
  • Keep some lighting on inside to help with video surveillance. Consider adding timers to lighting.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure.
  • Ensure all exterior lighting is functioning and on. Consider adding motion sensor lights.
  • Remove anything on the exterior which could be used to gain entry to your premises, such as bricks, ladders, poles, construction materials.
  • Check on your business frequently and note any damage or potential tampering to windows and doors. Keep track of when you check and go at different times.
  • If neighbouring businesses are deemed essential and have remained open, request that they be vigilant to the traffic and activity around your business.

Members of the public are encouraged to call police immediately if they observe suspicious activity or people near a business.


Gouvernement du Québec:
>>  Click here for more information on the measures taken by the provincial governement to support businesses

Governement of Canada:
>>  Click here for more information on the COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

In addition to these measures, the City of Westmount has extended the deadline for the 2nd payment of municipal taxes to the end of June. More details on this measure to come.

The City of Westmount supports and promotes the economic development of its commercial arteries by offering services to help businesses become established in the community. In 2017, the City undertook a project in collaboration with the consulting firm Artères to help develop and promote its commercial arteries.

In Westmount, businesses are concentrated in two neighbourhoods – Greene Avenue and Victoria Village – with both easily accessible by public transportation. These pedestrian-friendly and human-scale shopping districts are also known for their heritage architecture and modern street design.

Greene Avenue

Located in the eastern part of the City, close to the Atwater métro, the Greene Avenue area is lively with pedestrian traffic, particularly between Ste-Catherine and Sherbrooke streets. The district is known for its collection of unique boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and an array of professional services.

Victoria Village

Towards the west end of the City, the Victoria Village includes Sherbrooke Street between Grosvenor and Claremont Avenues, as well as Victoria Avenue between De Maisonneuve Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street. Its proximity to parks and municipal facilities makes the village a busy community hub and gathering place. It features a variety of boutiques, restaurants, galleries, grocery stores and professional services, as well as a hardware store, bakery and art centre. The district is close to Vendôme metro and is served by several bus routes.

Municipal services for the business sector

Urban planning and permits

Anyone wishing to occupy a building for commercial or professional use must obtain a certificate of occupancy. You must go to the Urban Planning Department where a form to fill will be provided.

The following fees apply:

  • Permanent certificate of occupancy –  $200
  • Temporary certificate of occupancy –  $50
  • Temporary certificate of occupancy by an NPO –  No fees

Urban Planning Department | 4333, Sherbrooke Street West | 514 989-5219

If you are planning any renovation or construction work on your property, you or your professional must ensure compliance with any existing applicable by-laws and obtain the necessary permit or certificate before you begin the work. Use the link below to find out the information required by the City to apply for a permit to carry out the specific work you are planning.

The design of storefronts and signage should harmonize with the architectural design of the buildings in which they are located and should reinforce the distinctive, traditional character of Westmount’s shopping streets.

Businesses that wish to perform plumbing work must deal with a plumbing contractor. The contractor must contact Westmount’s Plumbing Inspector (514 989-5348) to obtain a permit.

Finance Department

Invoices issued by the City of Westmount may be paid electronically via your bank or in person at City Hall, 4333, Sherbrooke St. W. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, Interac, or telephone banking.  More  >

Purchasing Office

The City of Westmount has established rules pertaining to contract management with a view to promoting transparency, fairness, integrity and sound contract management. The Policy also promotes competition with a view to obtaining the best possible prices, while specifically taking into consideration the quality of goods and services offered, delivery deadlines and supplier reliability. Consult the full text of the policy and the tenderer’s declaration below:

If you would like to offer your services or products to the City of Westmount, please fill in the information on the online form. This information will permit the Purchasing Division to contact you, according to the needs of the City, for the submission of bids.

Hydro Westmount

Hydro Westmount maintains the power distribution network in Westmount which is used to deliver electricity to all homes and businesses. The utility also installs and maintains all street lights and traffic signals in the municipality.  More >>

Use the online form or contact Hydro Customer Service at 514 925-1414.

You can receive your Hydro bill by email; fill in the online form or contact Hydro Customer Service at 514 925-1414.

You may also pay in person by cash, cash, cheque or Interac at Westmount City Hall, 4333 Sherbrooke St. W.

Contact Hydro Westmount to report an outage: 514 989-5201 (24-hour emergency services and repair line).

Consult the Info-Outages online map, at any time; it shows the status of the electrical network in real time.

Public Safety

Westmount Public Safety

The Public Safety Department assists in securing the protection of the Westmount community, enforces municipal by-laws, provides support services to the Montreal Fire Safety Department (Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal) and to the Emergency Measures Organisation. The department also enhances the crime prevention program. The members of the Public Safety Department provide Westmount with a uniformed 24-hour patrol service, in vehicles equipped with emergency equipment.  More  >>

Police Service

SPVM Neighbourhood Station 12:  514 280-2222

Fire Safety

SSIM Station 76: 514 280-0874

The security registry allows the city of Westmount to get in touch with companies and individuals in case of an emergency. The Public Security Department invites you to provide certain information by filling out the online form.

Parking is limited to four hours on every Westmount street, unless otherwise indicated.

Commercial Recycling

The City of Westmount offers a weekly door to door collection of cardboard and paper for small to medium size businesses, located in the commercial sectors of Greene Ave., Ste. Catherine, Victoria and Sherbrooke Street West.

Collection is every Tuesday starting at 10:00 a.m. Properly prepared material is collected directly from the place of business via the laneway or curbside for those who do not have access to the public laneway. More  >>

Other Services

The PME MTL network offers coaching, training and financing for entrepreneurs, to support them in launching and growing their businesses.

Our experts, in six service hubs and the École des entrepreneurs, support private-sector and social-economy entrepreneurs in all industries.

PME MTL acts as a true catalyst in developing entrepreneurship, working hand-in-hand with a vast network of partners and bringing together entrepreneurs with different experts, stakeholders as well as financial assistance and program managers.

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