Temporary repairs to Westmount Park walking paths

The City of Westmount is undertaking repairs throughout Westmount Park, targeting the damaged and dangerous sections of the walking path. Applying asphalt as a temporary solution will ensure the safety of residents, particularly seniors, who use the brick walking paths. The existing brick paths were built in the 1960s. At that time, interlocking paving stones were not used to construct them, but rather housing bricks cemented into concrete — a method strongly discouraged. Regrettably, these housing bricks cannot be repaired by simply removing them.

It is essential for these paths to be repaired before the first snowfall. We have therefore determined that a quick, temporary solution is the best approach. Although it is not aesthetically pleasing, our decision to use asphalt is solely for safety reasons.

The City is committed to its long-overdue investment in Westmount Park, in terms of both its maintenance and the update of its infrastructure. A report from the last public consultation, outlining feedback and next steps, will be available in the coming weeks. We encourage residents to participate in the next Westmount Park meeting, the date of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

This year, Public Works has increased its staff to ensure faster snow-clearing operations and improved maintenance of the parks. Our parks have never had such high traffic, about five times the usual amount. We urge you to continue your hand washing and physical distancing practices, and to wear a mask in close surroundings. We also wish to remind you to put all garbage you generate in the park, into the park bins.