Temporary Modifications to Parking Regulations and Traffic Flow on Prince Albert between Chesterfield and Côte-St-Antoine

As part of the City’s 2015 infrastructure renewal programme, Bell Canada will be reconstructing their underground infrastructure on Prince Albert between Chesterfield and Côte-St-Antoine. This work will be undertaken by Bell’s contractor Transelec Common and will begin Monday, October 19 to be completed Friday, November 6, 2015.

To facilitate parking for residents living in this sector during the work, the City of Westmount will implement temporary modifications to the on-street parking regulations on numerous streets in your area. These modifications will be in effect from October 19 to November 6 and include:

The removal of the ‘NO PARKING – MAINTENANCE PERIOD’ zones on the following streets:

  • Prince Albert between Sherbrooke and Côte-St-Antoine
  • Chesterfield between Victoria and Claremont
  • Windsor between Victoria and Claremont
  • St-George’s Place
  • Côte-St-Antoine between Victoria and Claremont

Parking will be prohibited on the west side of Prince Albert between Sherbrooke and Côte-St-Antoine.

For residents of Prince Albert between Sherbrooke and Côte-St-Antoine.

A temporary parking permit has been provided in the event that your driveway becomes inaccessible during the work. The permit must be placed in your car window and waives time restrictions only (2 hr/4 hr maximum). All other parking regulations including street maintenance must be respected.

Furthermore, please note that as of October 19, Prince Albert between Côte-St-Antoine and Sherbrooke will become a one-way street in the southbound direction. This is a temporary measure that will remain in place until the end of the project.

If there is a particular concern, please contact Michel Gagné at (514)