Street parking in winter: move your vehicle ahead of snow loading

After a heavy snowfall, the City carries out snow loading operations over several days, and sometimes around the clock. If you park your vehicle in the street, please watch for signs indicating parking restrictions and move your vehicle accordingly in advance of the snow loading. Parked vehicles that interfere with snow removal operations will be towed.

Please note that:

  • throughout the winter, the City WILL NOT PHONE RESIDENTS IN ADVANCE to remind them to move their parked vehicles; and
  • towing teams WILL NO LONGER USE WARNING SIRENS, day or night, to alert residents of imminent loading operations.

Pay attention to parking restrictions and MOVE YOUR VEHICLE before snow removal crews arrive. This makes every difference in the speed and efficiency of our loading operations.

Other important reminders, post-snowstorm:

  • Snow from private driveways and walkways may be added to the existing snow banks before their removal, but must never obstruct public sidewalks, lanes or streets. Fines may be levied on homeowners and/or contractors who contravene these regulations.
  • It is the responsibility of property owners to inform contractors of these rules.
  • On collection days, please keep all containers out of the path of street and sidewalk ploughs.

Your cooperation truly helps us do a better job. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these operations.

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