STM: Vendôme project – tunnel jacking work under the railway right-of-way

The STM will undertake the first part of a tunnel-jacking procedure under the railway right-of-way at Vendôme station during the long Easter weekend. Work will begin during the night of Thursday April 18 to Friday, April 19, and will continue 24 hours a day for the entire weekend.

There will not be any train service on the line until the end of Monday, April 22. Mitigation measures for clients of EXO have been planned and will be announced. No traffic disruptions are expected on De Maisonneuve Blvd. The main impact anticipated is additional truck traffic due to the excavation.

A meeting of the Liaison Committee is scheduled for Friday, April 5th. In addition, information will be made available according according to its communication plan.

The second phase of the tunnel-jacking, which will take place during an upcoming long weekend, will complete this stage of the work.

Info : 514 STM-INFO