Short-term tourist rentals in Westmount

In accordance with the City of Westmount by-law and current provincial legislation:

If you know of a person or business that is illegally operating a tourist residence in Westmount, you can file a report with Revenu Québec, which has inspection and investigation powers.To report an illegal tourist residence, call 1-855-208-1131 or fill out the report form.


What is a principal residence?
A principal residence is where an individual ordinarily resides, where his or her family and social activities are centered, and for which the address is the same as the address provided to most government ministries and agencies.

What is a short-term tourist rental?
A short-term tourist rental is a dwelling or part of a dwelling that is offered for rent to tourists for a period of less than 31 days. For example, residences offered for short-term rental on websites such as Airbnb or Facebook. >> Learn more about tourist rentals in Quebec.