Sewer Rehabilitation on Grosvenor, Wood & de Maisonneuve as of November 2, 2015

The City Westmount will soon proceed with the rehabilitation of the sewer main on your street. Work should begin during the week of November 2th weather permitting, and will last one day.

Rehabilitation by lining is a trenchless technology which consists of inserting a liner into the sewer main to render it structural and watertight.

To carry out a sewer rehabilitation by lining, the house drains connecting to the sewer main must be temporarily sealed for several hours. Although the water supply will not be affected, we ask that you avoid discharging water into your drain (e.g., do not flush the toilet water, do not run the washing machine, etc.) to reduce the risk of sewer back-up. A door hanger will be distributed by the City contractor to all affected residents, 24 hours before the start of work, to confirm the date, time and exact duration of the interruption.

Since the time required to rehabilitate a pipe depends on the pipe diameter, length and the number of services to be connected to the sewer main, noise may be occasionally caused by the equipment late at night.

During the work, traffic and parking restrictions may be applied in the area. At all times, pedestrian access to the homes and establishments will be preserved.

Odours resulting from the resin used to line the sewer may be noticeable during the work. Although this odour may be noticeable at very low levels, it presents no risk to human health. In order to mitigate this normal occurrence, if your residence is in the work area, please follow the steps as indicated in the diagrams below. It is recommended that residents locate all drains and ensure that the building’s plumbing is in good condition.

Floor drains are designed to maintain a seal in the pipe to prevent all gases and odours entering your home.

During the construction period, make sure to pour at least a liter of water in each of your floor drains (basement) and in all sinks and shower drains in your home or apartment.


Should you need more information, please contact Mr. Jean Blouin at 514 989-5547.