Growing old together

The number of seniors in Canada has reached an unprecedented level in the past few years. In Westmount, 26% of the population is 65 years of age and over, which represents over 5260 residents. Westmount Public Security team is here to get to know seniors in the community and offer information to resident about the resources and services available to them. The Westmount Public Safety team is interested in your needs.

Services offered by the City of Westmount

The Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR) is a community based public safety initiative in partnership with the municipal public safety department and local community services. The registry promotes communication between vulnerable persons, the people who support them and the City. This information will assist our officers when responding to an emergency involving the vulnerable individual. The registry provides quick access to critical information about a registered person, such as who to call in an emergency, a detailed physical description, and any particular sensitivities that the person may experience.

Who is a vulnerable person?

A vulnerable person is defined as a person who due to medical, cognitive, mental health or physical condition may exhibit patterns of behavior that may pose a danger to that person. Examples of Vulnerable Persons may include persons with autism, dementia, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy that may cause a person to exhibit atypical behaviours (e.g. wandering, physical instability, inability to communicate, aggression, irrational fear, oversensitivity to sensory stimulus (sounds, lights, touch).

For more information and to register in person:

Public Safety Department
21 Stanton Street, City of Westmount
514 989-5222

A personalized telephone service for seniors, persons with disabilities and individuals with reduced autonomy residing alone in Westmount. A reassuring voice in case of emergencies or accidents.

How it works

  • The resident or their representative can sign up for the service by coming to the Public Security Office or by making an appointment for an officer to meet with them at their home.
  • A registration form is completed and the resident must provide at least one (1) emergency contact.
  • A waiver can also be completed in order to allow an officer to gain access to the home in case the resident does not respond.
  • A key box is provided free of charge upon registration if the resident chooses to leave a key.

For more information, just register by filing the online form below or call 514 989-5222.

Other services for seniors


Contactivity Centre

4695 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W
514 932-2326

Not-for-profit community centre.


Centre Greene

1090 Greene Avenue
514 931-6202

Community centre.


FADOQ network

514 252-3017

Information, support and advocacy for seniors' quality of life.


Paratransit (STM)

514 280-8211

Door-to-door transportation for people with long-term disabilities.


Fire safety

514 872-3775

Database for individuals with mobility problems in case of an emergency.



1 855 581-3794

Bracelet for individuals with medical condition that should be known.


CLSC Métro

1801 de Maisonneuve Blvd W.
514 934-0354

Health and medical services, information, home care support and palliative care.


Aide Abus Ainés Telephone Line

1 888 489-2287

Information and referral telephone line for seniors experiencing abuses.


Ligne de référence aînés

514 527-0007

General informations and help.