Self-service e-scooters: end of the pilot project

The City of Westmount has decided not to renew the pilot project allowing the operation of self-service e-scooters on its territory.

This project, which was part of our goal to promote the development of sustainable mobility in the City, began in August 2019.

Despite the strong popularity of the new service, it generated many inconveniences, particularly in terms of parking, storage and compliance with regulations.

“We were very pleased to offer our citizens the use of self-service e-scooters. However, given the City of Montréal’s decision not to renew the project following the presentation of the project report, and given the fact that our City is located in the heart of the metropolis, we also decided not to renew the project.
This project revealed, however, that there is a real demand for this mode of transportation. We wish to pursue the development of micromobility in our city. We will continue to work with the City of Montréal and our partners to find other viable and environmentally friendly transportation alternatives” said Mayor Christina M. Smith.