SCAOPI: 500 Claremont Avenue – Applications to participate in a referendum

Following the public legal notice published on December 12, 2017 in the Le Devoir Newspaper, the City Clerk’s Office received seven applications pertaining to the participation in a referendum on the SCAOPI project at 500 Claremont Avenue, one of which from the concerned zone R3-16-01 and all contiguous zones, except zone C5-20-03.

Analysis of the applications:

Following an analysis by the City Clerk’s Office, only applications from the following five zones fulfill the conditions to be admissible: R3-16-01 (concerned zone) and contiguous zones R2-15-01, R2- 17-01, R9-21-01, and C5-20-01.

Applications from the following zones did not fulfill the conditions to be admissible, notably because applications were signed on behalf of a legal person and were not accompanied by power of attorney documentation, as required by law: C5-20-02 and C5-20-04.

The next step:

The next step is the adoption of a final resolution, if the case may be, by the municipal council. This adoption would be considered as the date of reference for the register and the referendum.

Calculations on the number of signatures required for a referendum poll to be held:

According to section 553 of the AERM,

qualified voters are persons entitled to have their names entered on the referendum list of the municipality or, as the case may be, of the sector concerned. Unless the clerk or the secretary-treasurer has a list of all those persons, their number shall be considered equal to the total sum of housing units, non-residential immovables and business establishments situated in the territory of the municipality or, as the case may be, in the sector concerned.

The following is a table of dwelling units, non-residential buildings and business establishments located in the concerned zones (the “Units“):

Zones Number of Units
R3-16-01 529
R2-15-01 83
R2-17-01 45
R9-21-01 541
C5-20-01 158
Total 1356

According to the aforementioned section, a referendum poll must be held when, at the end of the period of registration, the number of applications reached is the lowest between 30,000 and the number obtained by adding the number 13 and the number that equates to 10% of persons qualified to vote in excess of the first 25, when they are over 25. If the dwelling units are considered, the calculation would be as such:

  • 1) 1356 – 25 = 1331
  • 2) 1131 x 10% = 113.1
  • 3) 114 + 13 = 127

As a result, it means that at least 127 of persons who qualify to vote must sign the register in order for a referendum poll to be held.

Holding of the Register:

The register will be held on a weekday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. According to section 535 of the AERM, the City Clerk shall fix as many consecutive days as there are multiples of 500 in the number of applications needed under section 553 to require that a referendum poll be held. Thus, only one day is required to hold the register.

The Office of the City Clerk has received instructions to include the adoption of a final resolution on this file as part of the Council Agenda for the sitting of Monday, January 15, 2018.