Road Closure on Summit Road and Upper Bellevue from September 21 to October 28

Summit Road and Upper Bellevue will be closed to traffic from September 21 to October 28 due to roadwork. The project includes the reconstruction of portions of the sidewalks, the repair of the road base, and the resurfacing of the asphalt. For more information, go to

Project manager: Mr. Michel Gagné, Engineering Department, at 514-989-5543 or by email at


  • Due to a mechanical issue with the road scarifier on another job site, the removal of the asphalt on Summit Road has been postponed until Monday September 25th. This work will prevent vehicles from accessing Summit Road.
  • Should access to your private parking area be blocked, please use the attached temporary parking permit. To use the attached permits, please write your license plate number on the permit and place it inside the windshield of your car (preferably the driver’s side) while ensuring that the information is visible. N.B.: this permit waives the 2-hour and 4-hour parking restrictions, but you must respect all other parking regulations, including the weekly street maintenance restrictions.
  • Following the removal of the asphalt surface, the concrete road base will receive punctual repairs. After the curing of the concrete repairs, the road will be repaved and reopened to traffic.
  • Garbage, food waste, and recycling collections will be maintained as per their regular schedule throughout the project. Waste materials must be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. on their collection day, preferably in bags, or in their respective bin identified with your address. Put your food waste in a paper bag or certified compostable plastic bag, your recycling materials in a transparent plastic bag, and your garbage in a garbage bag.