Results from the Survey on Commercial Streets

From December 3 to 17, Westmount residents were invited to participate in a survey on the types of businesses that should be allowed on the City’s commercial streets to enhance their vitality. In the end, 737 people completed the survey, mostly online.

The City of Westmount thanks citizens for the record participation rate achieved in this survey, which reflects the democratic health of our community and the degree of interest in the vitality of local commercial streets.

Please see the link below for the complete survey results. They show that changes to the current quota limiting the number of restaurants and medical clinics in Westmount would be well received by the population. Nearly 80% of respondents agree that regulations should allow more restaurants in all commercial sectors, while 83% would be in favour of allowing more medical clinics on the upper floors of commercial buildings. The results are much more divided on allowing bars or tourist accommodation establishments.

The survey results will be one of the components considered to determine appropriate actions for the revitalization of Westmount’s commercial streets in 2020.

Commercial Streets Survey Report >>