Calendar of Meetings

Board of Inspections

All applications for permits and certificates are examined by the Board of Inspections to ensure compliance with the pertinent by-laws (zoning, subdivision, building, demolition, plumbing and fire codes.) The Board of Inspections is chaired by the Director of Urban Planning and is composed of inspectors & urban planning technicians. Applications submitted before 4:00 pm on Tuesdays will be reviewed at the Board of Inspection’s weekly meeting held on Thursday morning.

Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee plays an important role in preserving Westmount’s heritage and plays an advisory role for City Council. The Planning Advisory Committee is composed of (3) members who are resident architects who practice in Westmount, a City councilor responsible for Urban Planning, the Director of Urban Planning as well as an urban planning technician. When an application for plan review includes exterior modifications to the building, said application is referred to the Planning Advisory Committee. The Committee meets every second Tuesday and applications which have been deemed to be in conformity to zoning requirements by the Board of Inspections at the previous meeting, will generally be reviewed at the Committee’s next meeting.

For information and coordination purposes, please find the following tentative schedule of meetings. Dates of meetings are subject to change without notice. The meetings of the Board of Inspections and of the Planning Advisory Committee are not public meetings.

Schedule of meetings for 2017

Tuesday, January 17
Tuesday, January 31
Tuesday, February 14
Tuesday, February 28
Tuesday, March 14
Tuesday, March 28
Tuesday, April 4
Tuesday, April 18
Tuesday, May 9
Wednesday, May 24
Tuesday, June 6
Tuesday, June 20
Tuesday, July 5
Tuesday, July 18
Tuesday, August 8
Tuesday, August 22
Wednesday, September 6
Tuesday, September 19
Tuesday, October 3
Tuesday, October 17
Tuesday, October 31
Tuesday, November 14
Tuesday, November 28
Tuesday, December 12
Tuesday, December 19