Pay-by-Plate parking

The City is currently upgrading the parking pay stations. The new interface is more user-friendly, and includes a contactless payment option.

The 73 parking pay stations feature a Pay-by-plate technology allowing customers to pay for on-street parking based on the licence plate number rather than on the parking spot. Users can move their car without having to pay each location.

Pay at the pay station in a few easy steps

The City of Westmount replaced its coin-operated parking meters in 2015 with a new system that offers multiple payment methods. Drivers will be able to purchase parking minutes by coin, by debit or credit card or by mobile device. Download the Passport Parking Canada mobile app through Google play for Android and the App Store for iPhone. Using the Passport Parking Canada mobile app, drivers will be able to purchase extra parking minutes at any time and from anywhere, without having to return to the pay station.

Please take note that there is a $0.25 charge per transaction.

The app is available in both English and French. To find out more about Passport Parking Canada, visit

Drivers are advised to pay attention to new signage on each street, which indicates the schedule for the metered parking hours as well as the maximum number of hours permitted.


Map of Westmount Pay-Stations

Here is the distribution map of the pay-by-plate pay-stations.