Snow Removal

Snow removal operations, such as plowing and salting are carried out around the clock. Loading operations normally require a minimum of 4-8 days depending on the snowfall, and are carried out according to a pre-determined schedule. The priorities for cleaning are commercial streets, fire routes, major arteries, school zones and streets on slopes.

The snow loading steps:



The snowblower with the snow loading truck make their first pass on the street.



The snow plow passes and pushes the snow creating a snow bank (windrow) all along the street so that the snowblower can pick it up.



The snowblower goes back with the loading truck to pick up the snow bank. Due to the amount of snow, this step can be repeated 2 to 3 times.

The approximate time of the snowblower’s passage after the snow plow:

Snow removal: weekdays 50 min. to 1 hour
Snow removal: weekends 30 min. to 45 min.

Please note that snow loading trucks must unload the snow at a spill site located outside the City of Westmount that causes delays due to traffic to and from the site.

  • Travel time between the City of Westmount and Butler Dump site
    Approximately 15 min. to go + (10 min. of unloading) + 15 min. to return =Approximately 40 min.
  • Travel time between the City of Westmount and Newman Dump site
    Approximately 25 min. to go + (10 min. of unloading) + 35 min. to return =Approximately 70 min.

Westmount relies on your cooperation to help keep our streets and sidewalks safe during the winter. Snow from private driveways and walkways must NOT be placed on public sidewalks, lanes or streets. During snow loading, snow may be added to the existing snowbanks prior to removal. If your vehicle is towed during snow removal operations, please contact Public Safety at 514 989-5222.

If your vehicle is towed during snow removal operations, please contact Public Safety at 514 989-5222.

Advance warning of snow removal and the times at which it will be taking place are indicated by flashing or fixed orange lights on major throughfares, and by special signs placed on side streets.

Highly visible and effective, the plastic signs are attached to existing signage using special hooks. Westmount personnel will install the signs at least 12 hours before snow removal begins, giving drivers ample time to move their parked vehicles before snow removal operations get underway.

Please check your street daily before 7 a.m. following any heavy snowfall, as vehicles blocking snow removal operations will be towed.

The plastic signs replace orange sandwich boards in most areas of the Westmount, which were typically placed on snowbanks when snow removal was to take place.

Westmount depends on the cooperation of all drivers in the city to ensure that snow is removed quickly and efficiently throughout the winter. The next time it snows, look up and check carefully for orange signs. Vehicles blocking snow removal operations will be towed.

Each winter, the City of Westmount encounters a number of problems with the practice employed by private contractors as they remove snow from private driveways, paths, etc., and place it onto public streets and sidewalks. In our desire to collaborate with the private contractors who are licensed to carry out this type of work, the City would like to remind all contractors of the rules that are in force:

  • all snow removed from private property must be deposited on the existing snow banks created by city ploughs. Snow pushed out from private property should be spread out along the snow banks to prevent creating a large mass of snow opposite the driveway from which the snow was removed;
  • under no circumstances should the snow removed from one driveway be placed on the street in front of any neighbouring driveways;
  • the blockage of any street, sidewalk or lane by snow removed from private property will not be tolerated.

This winter season, Westmount’s Public Security Unit will have additional patrols on the road, both during and after each snowfall, to ensure that these guidelines are respected.

To this end, we must advise you that no toleration will be considered. Each offence observed will result in the automatic issuance of a statement of offence. In addition, in the event that the snow pushed out from private property is excessive to the point that the City must intervene for safety reasons, the cost of said intervention shall be assessed to the contractor responsible.

The snow plowing operation entails displacing the snow from the street towards the sidewalks or curbs in order to allow traffic to flow safely. This operation causes snow to accumulate in front of every driveway. Each resident is responsible to remove this snow should they need access.


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