In this section, get information on the nature, duration and constraints of the work currently underway on Westmount’s road network.

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The City of Westmount wishes to inform you of the replacement of the public portion of water services on Rue Saint-Antoine between Avenue Atwater and Rue Rose-de-Lima. This work will be carried out by the City of Montreal.

About thirty water services under the public domain will be replaced. The replacement for the private side is not included in the project and no private contractor can have access to the construction site to carry out work on the private domain during the City of Montreal’s work.

It is strongly recommended that property owners replace the private portion of their water service if it is lead or galvanized steel (the section of pipe between the property line and the residence). Once the City of Montreal’s work is completed, you may plan to replace your private water service, if necessary.

Thank you for your understanding.

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