Commissioner of Oaths


The Commissioner for Oaths is empowered to conduct oaths upon request. His/her role is to administer oaths to persons where an oath is required or permitted by law.

To ensure the availability of the Commissioner of Oaths, please make an appointment by calling 514 989-5255 or 514 989-5251.

The solemn affirmation must be written. A non-refundable fee of $5 per signature of the commissioner of oaths is applicable (no tax is collected).

Contents of a declaration

A Commissioner for Oaths is not required to verify the accuracy of the content of any statement made by the person taking the oath. The applicant must sign the document in the presence of the Commissioner, who will ask him/her to take an oath on presenting two signed pieces of identification, including one with a photo (health insurance card, driver’s license, passport, social insurance card, citizenship card or permanent resident card).


Commissioner for Oaths cannot certify documents nor certify that a copy of a document is true to the original, as is not appointed to perform this function.

Authorization for travel of minors

This document is often required by customs when a child is traveling with one parent or with someone other than his parents.

The person authorizing the child to travel must submit a completed document and MUST sign this document in front of the Commissioner for Oaths upon presenting the required identification.

Certificate of Life

The Certificate of Life is required for persons receiving a foreign pension, MUST be signed at our office in front of the Commissioner for Oaths, upon presenting the required identification. A passport may be required in certain cases. It is best to make an appointment in advance to ensure availability.

Certificate of residence

A person wishing to obtain a certificate of residence must make an appointment in advance. The applicant must submit a proof of residence (i.e., a tax bill, lease, utility account or driving license) and two signed pieces of identification, including at least one with a photo. A fee of $5 per certificate will be charged.