Power Outages

Info-Outages map

Info Outages is a map of the City that lets you view the status of Westmount’s electrical network in real time.

  • Contact Hydro Westmount to report an outage and to determine the extent of the power outage.
  • Is it only in your home or the entire neighbourhood?

If only your home is affected:

  • Check the master switch. If it’s in the OFF position, flip it back ON.
  • If it trips again, call a master electrician.
  • Call a master electrician immediately if the master switch is equipped with fuses. He or she will determine the cause of the outage and restore power.

If the entire neighbourhood is affected:

  • Hydro Westmount will be able to tell you the cause of the power outage and approximately how long it will take to re-establish service.

24-Hour Emergency Services and Repair Line: 514 989-5201