LED Street light transition

The project

In order to improve the energy efficiency of its urban lighting, the City of Westmount will replace the bulbs in its public lighting fixtures with LED (Light Emitting Diode Lamp) bulbs. This transition is part of a sustainable development approach that will keep the City’s light fixtures, particularly the Washington-style street lamps.

The long life and high energy efficiency of the new LED bulbs will also allow the city to save on its electricity and maintenance costs. LED lamps also offer an advantage in terms of safety as they light up faster than the previous HPS (high-pressure sodium) lamps after a power failure.

Safe and Dark Sky Friendly Lighting

Over the last few years, Hydro Westmount has carried out research and numerous tests on the improvement of LED sources, power, colour temperature and robustness of the power source, purchase costs, photometric distributions, etc. This process has resulted in the selection of a type of LED lamps that will provide reliable, stable and comfortable lighting for the City’s parks. The new lighting will allow residents to move around safely while reducing light trespass and skyglow.

Savings for the City

The City estimates that replacing high-intensity lighting (HID) sources with LED bulbs in the fixtures will result in:

CO2 emissions

Reduction of 1.42 tons of Greenhouses gas (CO2) emissions per year

Maintenance cost

250% reduction in maintenance costs annually

Electricity consumption

55% reduction in average electricity consumption per year

Number of bulbs replaced

550 of 2191 (last update on August, 2022)

Interactive map

Click on the interactive map below for information on the characteristics of each lamp and energy savings.