Power line protectors

Stay safe near distribution lines! No matter the activity, always maintain a distance of at least 3 metres from any overhead electrical lines in any direction.

  • look for power lines nearby;
  • keep everyone and everything at least 3 metres from any distribution line, from any angle;
  • make sure that nothing comes into contact with low-tension wires connected to a building, even if they are insulated;
  • consult Hydro Québec’s website for safety advice specific to the type of work you are planning.

Do you need to install power line protectors?

For work that must be carried out within less than 3 metres from a distribution line, Hydro Westmount can install power line sheaths to protect workers.

Ask Hydro Westmount for an evaluation before beginning:

  • work on a roof, an exterior façade or a chimney;
  • work that requires the use of ladders or scaffolding;
  • tree pruning or tree felling;
  • construction work;
  • installation and operation of a crane.
  • Complete and send the electronic form below, indicating the date, location and nature of the planned work;
  • A technician from Hydro Westmount will visit the site to evaluate the equipment and personnel needed to carry out the installation; billing will be based on this assessment;
  • A Hydro Customer Service representative will inform the client of the cost for the service and send a contract confirming the monthly tariff that will be added to the client’s regular Hydro Westmount invoice;
  • The client signs and returns the contract to Hydro Westmount’s Customer Service office by mail or email;
  • Upon receipt of the signed contract, Hydro Westmount will issue a work order and carry out the installation of the line protectors;
  • When work on the site has been completed, the client must advise Hydro Westmount and request the removal of the power line protectors by email, by fax or in person at the Hydro Westmount office, 995 Glen Road; the monthly tariff will cease only after this request is received.
plan in advance

It may take between 2 and 4 weeks from the evaluation to the installation of the power line protectors. We do our best to treat requests rapidly, but response time will vary, depending on the number of requests and the availability of equipment, particularly between April and October. Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

After the power line protectors are in place

When the work is finished, it is the client’s responsibility to advise Hydro Westmount and request the removal of the power line protectors. Until the request has been made by email, by fax or in person, Hydro Westmount will continue to charge the client’s account monthly for the use of the equipment.

Please note that Hydro Westmount cannot accept requests by phone to have line protectors removed.


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  • YYYY slash MM slash DD
  • N.B. : Le client est responsable d'avertir Hydro Westmount et demander le retrait des gaines de protection isolantes de ligne par courriel, par télécopieur ou en personne. Les frais mensuels ne cesseront d'être facturés qu'après le traitement de cette demande.
  • Please note: The client is responsible for notifying Hydro Westmount and requesting the removal of the power line protectors. Monthly fees for this service will continue until the notice has been received and processed.