Energy Efficiency

Let Hydro Westmount help you save energy!

Hydro Westmount and Hydro-Québec have joined forces to help you become more energy efficient. You can benefit.

Reduce your electricity bill and receive a subsidy!

Retrofitting your home to make it more energy efficient could be more advantageous than you think! An energy efficient home will save you money and electricity, plus offer you greater comfort.

There’s more!

A properly insulated, more air-tight home with appropriate ventilation has a much higher resale value. This type of home also adds to society’s efforts to promote sustainable development.

And there’s still more!

A subsidy is available to help you reduce the cost of renovating.

Despite the withdrawal of the federal government (programme discontinued), Quebec’s Agence de l’efficacité énergétique (AEE) will continue to offer the Energuide for Houses programme for homeowners. The subsidy from Hydro-Québec does not cover conversions from one energy source to another. Only single family, semi-detached and row houses are eligible for the subsidy, and they may be no taller than three and a half storey’s. Cottages and vacation homes are not eligible.

For pre-retrofit evaluations carried out after May 12, 2006, and followed by a post retrofit evaluation, Hydro-Québec continues to offer a grant for homes heated with electricity or a dual-energy system.

The subsidy amount is based on the increase in the home’s energy efficiency, based on the difference in the EnerGuide rating between the first EnerGuide evaluation done before the retrofit and the second one done afterward. The suggested cost of the first evaluation is $149.95 (taxes not included) for a single-family dwelling and the second one is free.

Was your home built 20 or more years ago?

If your home was built in 1985 or earlier and has never had any major renovations, the potential for increasing its energy efficiency is very interesting. But, in fact, changes to improve energy efficiency can be made in every home.

When buying a new home, choose Novoclimat™  and receive a Hydro-Québec subsidy.

With a Novoclimat™ home you’ll save close to 25% on heating and you’ll enjoy greater comfort, cleaner air and many other benefits. Hydro-Québec offers a $2000 subsidy for a house built on site and $1500 for a factory-built home. To be eligible for the subsidy, the new home must be heated mainly with electricity.

To find a certified contractor or for more information, contact the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique du Québec at 418 627-6379 in the Québec City area or toll-free at 1 877 727-6655 elsewhere in Québec or visit the Web site

Out with energy-guzzlers!

Recycle old refrigerators and freezers through RECYC-FRIGO programme

It’s out with the old, in with the new, as Hydro Westmount encourages all residents to get rid of energy-inefficient refrigerators and freezers. Dispose of your inefficient appliances, and you could be entitled to a cash rebate.

Through the innovative RECYC-FRIGO programme – administered across the province by Hydro-Québec – Hydro Westmount clients can recycle used, energy-guzzling refrigerators and freezers at no charge. In fact, Hydro-Québec will send you a $60 rebate cheque by mail within three weeks.

To benefit from this programme;

  • the appliance must be in good working order (cooling at the time of pickup)
  • the appliance must be over 10 years old (manufactured before 1998)
  • range from 10-25 cubic feet in volume

There is a maximum of two appliances per household. Participants must be residents of Quebec and be the owner of the appliances in question.

To take advantage of this offer, please call 1 877 493-7446 (FRIGO), or complete the dedicated form online at . A qualified transporter will then come to your home to pick up the appliance. The components of each appliance are recycled or destroyed in accordance with strict environmental standards. The RECYC-FRIGO environmental programme targets a major environmental problem by recycling at least 95% of the material contained in the recovered appliances.

Materials found in old refrigerators and freezers include many recyclable materials (metals, glass and plastics), as well as hazardous waste, such as halogenated hydrocarbons (Freon), used oils, mercury, PCBs, ammonia, and sulphur dioxide, as well as CFCs in the insulating foam.

This programme is designed to reduce the negative impact of greenhouse gases on the environment, particularly on the ozone layer and water. When you take part, you save energy and help the environment at the same time!

If you are, did you know that you may also be eligible for certain grants or cash rebates? As a customer of Hydro Westmount, you can benefit. It’s up to you to make the next move!