Charging stations for electric vehicles

In order to continue to offer its residents a better quality of life and a healthy environment, the City of Westmount is deploying a network of charging stations for electric vehicles. This project, carried out with the participation of Hydro Westmount, will reduce the City’s ecological footprint by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Location of charging stations

To find out where the charging stations are located in Westmount, click on the button below.

Standard charging station (240 V)

To accommodate the majority of electric vehicles and best serve the City’s residents and visitors, Hydro Westmount has opted to install 240-volt standard charging stations.


The Electric Circuit applicable rate for recharging station in Westmount is $1 per hour (taxes included), billed by the minute as long as the vehicle is plugged in. For example, if a vehicle remains connected to a charging station for three hours, even though its battery is fully recharged after only one hour, the total cost will be $3.

Please note that parking fees are not included in the cost of charging. Therefore, you must also pay at the parking stations (Pay-by-Plate) if you are recharging your vehicle at a metered parking spot.

More information

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