Concerned works:

According to Regulation 1317 the following works are subject to obtaining a demolition permit:

  1. the act of razing, tearing down or otherwise destroying the whole or any part of a Category I* building, except for the identical replacement of existing windows, doors or exterior wall veneers; and/or
  2. the act of razing, tearing down or otherwise destroying 50% or more of all exterior walls or roof, or more than 10% of the area of the main façade of a category I building, except for the replacement of existing windows, doors or exterior wall veneers; or
  3. the act of razing, tearing down or otherwise destroying 50% or more of the area of all exterior walls and roof of any other building.
  • The file analysis fees, the publication and posting fees total $6 680 for a single-family, two-family, triplex or accessory building, or $12 290 for the demolition of any other building; the cost of the permit is $3060.

The application must be accompanied by the following documents as described in By-law 1300 on Permits and Certificates and By-law 1317 on Demolition:

  • a letter from the building owner authorizing the permit application, if the request is made by a third party;
  • the technical details required for an understanding of the demolition work;
  • where a portion of the existing building will be retained, an elevation of each of the facades and a roof plan indicating the areas to be demolished. The calculation of the percentage to be demolished is based on the addition of the areas to be demolished for each of the facades and the roof;
  • the anticipated duration of the work and the anticipated date of occupation of the new building, if applicable;
  • a photograph of each side of the building and the adjoining properties;
  • the commitment of the applicant to return the lot to suitable condition within 30 days following the end of the demolition;
  • if the foundation is not to be demolished, the safety measures to prevent anyone from having access to it;
  • a copy of an up-to-date certificate of location showing the conditions of the property;
  • A complete set of preliminary architectural drawings showing existing conditions and the proposed replacement program dimensioned and to scale, including:
    – a site plan
    – a plan of each affected floor
    – a roof plan
    – an elevation of each of the proposed facades
    – longitudinal and transverse sections, indicating the ground levels
  • a document attesting to the age, history, evolution and an architectural evaluation of the building.

 All applications for demolition are evaluated according to the criteria of Section 24 of By-law 1317. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the application also be supported by the following information:

  • a professional report attesting to the structural and architectural condition of the building to be demolished;
  • document / information attesting to the deterioration of the architectural appearance or aesthetic character of the neighborhood;
  • calculation details to establish the cost of the restoration of the building to be demolished.

 This list is a summary. Please note that additional documents or information may be required in order to provide a better understanding of the project and contribute to the request process.

  • Your permit will be issued at city hall if all imposed conditions are fullfilled.

Information you need to bring:

  • A detailed construction cost, excluding taxes as provided by the general contractor or a project manager.
  • All other documentation requested in the minute that need to be deposited prior to issuance of a permit (ex. RBQ form, a site management document, asbestos report, sidewalk deposit, …).

Need help with applying for a permit online? Here is a step-by-step guide