Playground installation in Prince Albert Park

The Prince Albert Park accessible playground was opened to the public on June 4th. This inclusive installation is designed to accommodate up to 73 children aged 2 to 10. It includes about 20 features to encourage individual and group play, including:

  • wheelchair-accessible ramp and platforms;
  • two slides;
  • a sensory tunnel;
  • two climbing walls;
  • a cocoon for quiet time;
  • interactive play panels;
  • an Aero glider rocking car;
  • an arm cycler;
  • monkey bars.

Accessible swings previously installed on the site are part of this play area as well.

The area around the play installation features a special surface that surpasses national safety norms for playgrounds; in addition:

  • the surface is composed of non-toxic and recycled materials;
  • the shock-absorbing surface reduces injuries caused by falls;
  • the play structure is entirely accessible to children in wheelchairs, or with mobility issues;
  • the play surface is permeable, allowing water percolation.

Five new trees, 10 shrubs and 59 perennial flowers were also planted as part of the play area reconstruction.