Art Westmount

Art Westmount is an event created to showcase the artists and authors of our community. Since 2006, our mission has been to recognize and celebrate Westmount artists – be they amateur, emerging or established – offering them a rare opportunity to exhibit, and commission-free, in a beautiful venue. Art Westmount is open to all artists or authors who live or have a studio in Westmount.

The exhibition circuit and directional signs throughout Victoria Hall and the Gallery ensure that visitors see all the artists. Since its inception, Art Westmount has been enthusiastically received by artists and visitors alike, and we have no doubt that this year’s edition will again be a resounding success!

Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6, 2019
Victoria Hall, 4626 Sherbrooke W.











Mona Agia

Ward Room

My artistic expression has been defined by a world of color, shapes, forms and textures. This process of self-discovery has helped me to express on canvas my perceptions of the world around me. Whether it was painting still life in a studio or painting landscapes in Tuscany, Provence, Spain, Cambodia, Vietnam and many others, color was the driving force through which I could express my innermost feelings of joy, harmony and pleasure. Color describes who I truly am. Orange and mauve, yellow and blue, reds; all these colors energize me. Life without color has no meaning for me.

Matisse, Cézanne, Van Gogh and Kandinsky have inspired me; whether through color, shapes or unusual distortions. My work has evolved throughout the last decades and has reflected my love of painting. That is why this form of art it is so exciting and captivating.










Caroline Benchetrit

Concert Hall

Caroline Benchetrit is a self-taught painter, sculptor and designer. In 1996, she put aside a multinatonal consulting and academic career including an MBA and a Ph.D at Montreal’s Ivy League McGill University to pursue her artistic dream.

Benchetrit’s paintings and life size sculptures in both porcelaine and bronze are collected on three continents and have been exhibited through more than 20 galleries in North America.

Benchetrit has been widely published in accredited art journals including a feature in Inside Entertainment recommending her as one of Canada’s top 5 up and coming artists. In 2014 her work made the cover of the Nation’s capital WashIngton Hillside Rag.

Benchetrit’s work continues to diversify into many product markets with success. In 2000 a board member of the Guggenheim recommended Benchetrit’s work to a NY animation producer and she has since created three cartoon properties and video games marketed at the Cannes MIPCOM show to television networks for years running. In 2010, Benchétrit launched CAROLINE BENCHETRIT brand of designs which are represented at Surtex NYC each year through licensing agents in the Consumer Product and Art Publishing industries. Benchetrit is also listed as a resource artist for Yabu Pushelberg (NYC)- a gold standard design house in residential and commercial design.

Benchetrit’s signature style paintings, sculptures and designs are inspired by expressions of “a passionate moment in time where joy breaks all boundaries and dreams come true because you believe they do!”

Kristin Bennett

Lodge Room


I am very happy to be part of Arts Westmount this year for the first time.
I have been painting with watercolours since 1988 when I studied with Chinkok Tan a professor at the Ontario College of Art, in Toronto.
As a result of his invaluable instruction and creative approach to the medium, I have continued to paint.
Since 1988, I have painted on location (plein air), in the Maritimes, Quebec, Maine, Vermont, Belize, Mexico, and France.

I approach watercolour painting by viewing and simplifying the subject. I do not make sketches before painting my subjects; I do not draw my subject.

I paint directly on the dry paper and focus on shapes and values. In a sense I abstract the subject matter in my mind as I paint even though my work is realistic. I use a limited number of colours: the 3 primary colours, sepia and the siennas. From these I mix my entire pallet of colour.

As I now live in San Miguel, Mexico for 3 months in the winter my focus for the past 8 years has been on Mexican themes.
My latest series of paintings is of conquistador dancers in San Miguel and market scenes in Chiapas and Guatemala.
I work referencing photos taken while living in Mexico and traveling in Guatemala.
I returned to Montreal in 1991 and live in Westmount.

Bachelor of Fine Arts  Sir George Williams University, Montreal 1969

Watercolour painting  Ontario College of Art , Toronto 1989-1991

Catherine Benny


My subjects change, but my palette knife and oil paints continue to give me the freedom to explore everyday life in a semi-abstract way. Spontaneous would best describe my process: I never sketch prior to starting a painting and often change directions mid way.
For me, painting is truly a journey rather than a destination.

My work is sold through Gallery 2014 in Florida and directly from my studio in Montreal.

Ben Bicher

Concert Hall

It always amazed me to see what can be produced from a natural stone. I work in soapstone, alabaster, and African wonderstone, which are all hand carved. Bronze sculpting also interests me very much ,the casting is done using the lost wax method. I was fotunate to have been mentored by Ann-Ingrid Helik, a renown artist, and I very much appreciate exhibiting with other Westmount artists.

Sara Peck Colby

Ward Room

I am very happy to be part of Arts Westmount again this year. I continue to concentrate my work on the views and timeless beauty of L’Estrie. The lakes and hills and fields in all seasons are a constant source of inspiration and challenge. Whether it is a detail of the pattern of branches or the rhythm of shadows cascading across a snowy field, I look for the simple music that surrounds us and I try to relate that to the viewer.

In Montreal, my work is carried by Gemst Gallery, 5254 rue Paré Montreal, QC H4P 1P5 T:514-488-5104 and I exhibit regularly in the Eastern Townships. My work is in collections in Canada, USA, and Europe.

I paint from life.
 I paint to tell surprise and delight in what I see.

Jane Desjardins

Ward Room

Pierre Desjardins

Ward Room

Louise Donohue

Lodge Room

I paint for the pure joy and pleasure!

Roxanne Dyer

Concert Hall

Email address:

A visual artist, my primary focus is painting & drawing, mainly figurative.  Preferred subjects are the human form, portrait interpretations, objects representing the figure, such as mannequins, & florals, especially in their environment.  The creation of believable illusions is enormously satisfying; but most inspiring is the feedback from people who observe it & take the time to express their opinions, to describe how they perceive the art, what it meant to them, how they were moved.  Painting is visual story telling; when it is inspired, I believe it can become a catalyst for creativity in others in all areas of their lives.  Completing a Fine Arts degree was one of my greatest dreams come true.  An exhibitor in numerous group & solo exhibitions, my artwork has won several awards, hangs in collections internationally & has been published in International Magazine and The Artist’s Magazine.

Ann Elsdon

Ward Room

Currently I’m working with acrylics, sometimes integrating found objects into paintings. The way that time and nature transform man-made structures fascinate me, as they come alive gradually morphing into other forms. The way that people pass through time, particularly in the setting of railway and metro stations as places of limbo, continues as another theme in my work.

Hala Farhat

Concert Hall

Mary Lou Freel


My intention in tapestry is to produce a rich surface by using a unique method. I construct the canvas by underpainting the imagery, then weaving any type of thread in and out of the support with a needle exposing the half tone underneath. Actually you get a warp and weft effect with just the needle. I first work out the overall design/composition in my mind’s eye, then I fantasize through the characters, groupings, actions. It grows organically like a child – figure to figure, scene to scene, section to section. Themes vary from the energy forms of cosmology to genre Renaissance subjects. I conceive the ideas ahead interspersed with experiments in technique.

In painting, I search out unconventional supports rather than traditional canvas but sometimes find unusual board. I prefer making my own paint and applying it with something other than a brush.

Born in Niagara Falls, 1943., Mary Lou Freel has been living in Westmount since 2009. She has a BFA from Concordia, 1988 and has had many individual shows and participated in group shows in both Toronto and Montreal. She is also a member of Diagonale and Torontoartscape. Her current project is Plastic Press(private press books).


McGill University, Rare Book Dept., Curator of Colgate Collection and Antique maps(1980)
Canadian Guild of Crafts, 2025 Peel St., exhibited on consignment(1993)
Observatoire 4 – Belgo Bldg. Curator (1994)

Lise Gallant


Lise Gallant is a working artist and graphic designer.

Anna Gedalof

Lodge Room

Anna G is a Montreal artist who graduated from McGill University in English literature and then bought a one way ticket to France. She won an art scholarship at Université d’Aix-en-Provence, but chose Paris and La Sorbonne instead, to study art history and cinema.

Upon her return to Montreal in the late seventies, she worked in publishing to promote artists including her husband Bruce Roberts.

She has always continued to do her own artwork underground. Her inspiration is colour, paint, line and gesture where simple objects take on their own life. Somewhere between abstraction and figurative. An amalgam of memory and present observation.

Shahrzad Ghaffari

Concert Hall

My artistic heritage and interests come from my mother (fashion designer/haute couturier) and my father (Editor). My creativity dates from my early childhood. The spontanous interactions with the arts and audience become a part of my daily life to devote all my spare time to artistery. For me arts become the languages to connect and communicate!. While being honnored for my individual or group national artistic achievements, I became conscious about the reality of the women’s situation in my society and decides to bring some remedies through education! Admitted to the American University of Tehran, I study the ‘Comparative History of Cultures’, ‘World Literature’ and ‘History of Arts’.

Jennifer Goddard

Concert Hall

Montreal-based artist Jennifer Goddard works in oils and multi-medium drawing. She focuses primarily on the languages of the figure, drawing on 18 years studying classical dance. Her approach is either one of response or escape: the activist responds to society’s injustices and overarching themes; the escapist revels in pure colour, line and composition.

A lifelong artist and largely self-taught, she studied for three summers (1975-78-81) at The Banff Centre, Alberta, and three sessions at Studio Escalier in Paris and Argenton, France (2015-15-16). In the interim, she studied under various teachers while pursuing a career in advertising. In the 80’s and again starting in 2006, she has shown in many solo and group exhibitions and has work in private collections in Europe, Canada and the US.

Although born in Paris, Nathalie Guez spent half of her life in Israel before moving permanently to Montreal in 2003, where she creates functional art, specializing in seating. She has participated in several exhibitions and contests all over the world, including Paris, Milan, Valencia, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Montreal and Quebec, and her work has been featured on ARTV. All of her pieces are made in Quebec by carefully chosen Quebecois craftsmen who are as passionate about their work as she is.

Conceived in a style that has been years in the making, Guez’s works are pure, modern, and poetic. She discovered seating to be the best medium to express her reflections on human being, for it is the piece of furniture that most resemble the human body. Her goal is to confer a soul, an identity that is lost in industrial design, into her functional art.

Her chairs are always stylized, juxtaposing round and straight forms, warm and cold colors, purified and sober lines, to reach a sexual balance between the feminine and masculine and become a suggestive, pure work of art. The simplicity that emanates from their lines, expressions of nobility and grace, finds completion in the grandeur of their backs.

If the original art of Nathalie Guez transcribes the amusing perspective with which she perceives life, the elegance of her works reveals her love and respect for human beings and the world. Her symbolic approach gives her work all its power of evocation and leaves it open to all interpretations. Her works can easily become a part of our everyday life because the comfort and the ergonomics remain as important as the aesthetics.
Learn more about her functional, poetic, contemporary, and unique small series furniture here on this website.

Michael Hannen

Concert Hall

Diane Labatt

Lodge Room

Lucie Lacava


Lily Lam

Ward Room

I am please to be part of Arts Westmount 2016 once again. This time I will be showcasing some of my work involving a floral theme, a subject that seems to invite me back time and again.

After following a quarter century long career path chasing the latest technology challenges in software development, I discover my new world in creative textile art and its many facets. There are endless challenges and adventures to follow.

One gratifing direction I repeatedly encounter recently is to help clients preserve treasured memories by creating ‘Memory Quilts’ as family keepsakes from recuperated and repurposed legacy textiles. Finishing each of these challenges fills me with warm satisfaction.

Keith Marchand 

Concert Hall

Carlos Martinez

Concert Hall

Jaroslava Miler

Concert Hall

Photography became my passion more than twenty years ago when I was living in Washington, DC. Since then I have had the privilege to travel to some 30 countries. I like to discover the various kinds of architecture, art, culture and customs of the places I visit and I try to capture their mood and uniqueness. I enjoy the countryside and nature, but I am more of an urban photographer, my preference goes to street photography.

Ingrid Nicolai

Lodge Room

Lisa Osterland

Concert Hall

Lisa Osterland has been fascinated by miniature objects since early childhood. Her first tiny painting of a house was created in 2009 on a whim. Since then, Lisa has painted dozens of homes throughout Westmount as well as other areas. Lisa’s clients include real estate brokers, designers, a local news anchor, neighbours and friends. Campbell Framers on Sherbrooke Street has represented Lisa for the past four years.

The incredibly small scale of Lisa’s work leads the observer to stop, focus acutely and study all there is to see — and perhaps notice more than they might with a larger work. The details are meticulous to the finest element: legible house numbers, door-knockers, crests, wreaths, reflections and garden flowers. These components make Lisa’s originals so outstanding and distinct — and are among the reasons behind her growing reputation.

Giuseppe Pascale

Lodge Room

My inspiration stems from the subject matter I compose with.  Urban centers with their architecture and grown forms have always fascinated me.  A building is more than a typical shelter; it shapes our behaviour and interaction with the space it defines.  We also infuse the city with our collective sense of self that creates different perspectives within space as time goes on.  The process of leaving home with a camera in hand, not knowing where I will end up or what I will bear witness too, is a humbling and therapeutic experience.  Documentary and photojournalistic works also enthrall me.  The mélange of text and imagery to help convey an emotion, situation or condition is key as I look to share and develop my experience within the medium.

Laurence Pineault

Lodge Room

Ronald Poole

Ronald Poole, Professor emeritus, McGill University,  discovered his talent for painting when he retired from his career in science. He has studied at the Visual Arts Centre – drawing, painting, Chinese brush painting, portraits  – and at the Morian Art Centre in St Petersburg, Florida where he winters. He presently works in acrylics and watercolour.

Eliane Rivard

Concert Hall

Eliane Rivard , a  Montrealer, retired from a hospital staff position as clinical psychologist in the late 90’s,  and continues a small private practice. Punctuating her life in her 30s and 40s were travels in Great Britain, Europe, Morocco,  as well as major North American cities which exposed her to the  works of many of the great artists (Picasso, Cesanne, Van Gogh,  Klimt, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, Chagall… the list continues) that would shape her sense of aesthetics and leave a lasting impression on her. During a brief foray into Interior Design at Dawson College, Eliane’s class with the late artist, Tom Hopkins, would incite her to take some Figure Drawing workshops with live models at the Saidye Bronfman Centre.

However, it was only upon moving back to Westmount after 25 years in Outrement that Eliane immersed herself in taking a substantial succession of classes at the Visual Arts Centre, fortuitously located  just down the street from her apartment. First she learned to apply techniques of the Decorative Arts (Faux-finishing of objects, furniture, walls and floorcloths using acrylic) taught by Mia MacSween. Then, following an art trip to Mexico with Ruth Shine where she briefly experimented with  collage and print-making, she was lured by the VAC’s Fine Arts program. She took Figure Drawing classes (charcoal, graphite, ink, chalk pastels) under the direction of Helga Schleeh, and finally Figure Painting using oil as medium, most often with Ian Shatilla. Many of her Still Life paintings derive from personal things at home (textiles, jewelry, fruit, flowers, pottery and vignettes of her décor) while she also enjoys doing portraits of family,  musicians, and other ‘icons’ she finds interesting.  She sublets an art studio during the fall/winter /season at the Lachine Canal Complex. In the summer her country garden contributes additional inspiration.

Eliane’s work has appeared in The Gallery at Victoria Hall, the EK Voland Gallery of the Complex du Canal Lachine, “Square Affair” at the McClure Gallery, “Promenade des Arts”, and Arts Westmount at Victoria Hall.

Bruce Roberts

Lodge Room

At five Bruce was confined to a hospital bed for 1.5 years from which he remembers the story of a Native American riding a horse bareback. This sense of freedom through movement drives his art. Subjects of Bruce’s work have included animals, cities, people, courtrooms, athletes, and actors on stage. Bruce’s work has been exhibited in France, New York, Toronto, Montreal and the Calgary Stampede Artists Studios 2014. His illustrated children’s books about animals have won numerous awards including the Governor General’s Award (2001) and the Wallonia-Brussel’s Prize (2011). Bruce is a licensed artist for the RCMP Foundation, with a mandate to create contemporary images for a world market.

Pamela D. Stewart

Concert Hall

Previous to pursuing a university career as Professor of Italian Studies at McGill University, Pamela D. Stewart studied drawing, painting and sculpture in Paris, MONTREAL and the U.S.A.  Upon retiring, she returned to her former artistic pursuits, adding ceramics and printmaking.  She has participated in many group shows.  Her most recent solo exhibition was held at Victoria Hall Gallery, Westmount.

Sharon Sutherland

Concert Hall

Maureen Tracey


Joanne Wallace

Lodge Room

My passion is giving Life to Art. I create through my mind while learning through a visual experience.This has taught me that the nature, your mood and your character are all reflected in your art and each colourful brush stroke has a meaning.

My character is Happy and Bright and my studio is called “ Bright Colors .“ I hope that my paintings brighten those that see them, so that they may in turn make their world a happier place

Margaret White

Concert Hall

Originally from Winnipeg. Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) University of Manitoba. Moved to Montreal about 40 years ago. Have been living in Westmount for 19 years.

Group exhibitions – Art Westmount 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016. SPPQ – MCC photographs, Buffet Antique 2012. “Seasons in the City”, Gallery at Victoria Hall 2006. SPPQ – MCC photographs, L. L. Lozeau 2002. “face à face”, Powerhouse Gallery 1984. “paysages ruraux/urbains”, Galerie Alliance 1984. “10 par 10 réalistes montréalais”, Galerie Alliance 1983. La maison de l’amité de Montréal 1981. The Fleet Gallery, Winnipeg 1977. Gallery 111, Winnipeg 1975.

Exhibitions – Gallery at Victoria Hall (shared exposition) 2012.

Powerhouse Gallery 1983.

Angela Yeo-West

Lodge Room


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Diana Bruno

Concert Hall


Muriel Gold

Concert Hall

Muriel Gold, C.M., Ph.D., author, theatre educator, producer/director, is former Artistic Director of The Saidye Bronfman Centre Theatre. She has taught on the faculties of McGill, Concordia, and Dawson College, and is the author of six books with a seventh in press. Three of her books describe a theatre technique she designed for training actors and which can be adapted for use with other populations. Her book, Tell Me Why Nights are Lonesome, inspired by her parents’ courtship correspondence, has been called “an important contribution to Canadian Jewish history.” A combination of biography, memoir and autobiography, it paints a powerful portrait of a Jewish family over three generations.  A Gift for their Mother. The Saidye Bronfman Centre Theatre. A History, The Dramatic Legacy of Dorothy Davis and Violet Walters.The Montreal Children’s Theatre, 1933-2009: and her current book, (in press)  Quebec’s Grande-Dame of Theatre, Madame Jean-Louis Audet, The Magical World of Studio Saint-Hubert, continue her contribution to Quebec theatre history.

For the past years, Muriel has been leading a Writers Workshop in St Petersburg, Florida.  Combining her writing and theatre skills, she edits the participants’ materials and directs them in an annual staged reading.  She also directs a Reader’s Theatre.

In 2007, in recognition of her lifetime achievement in drama and theatre, she was appointed a member of the Order of Canada.

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Constance Lechman

Concert Hall

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Constance Lechman is a retired social worker and hospital social services administrator. She has masters degrees in social work and business administration and has written numerous non fiction articles and book chapters on social work practice and research.
Decisions, her debut novel, was published in 2016 and was followed by Options and Alternatives in 2017 and Choices and Actions in 2018.
She lives in Montreal where she continues to write. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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Rita Pomade

Concert Hall

Rita Pomade, a native New Yorker, first settled in Mexico before immigrating to Quebec. While living in Mexico, she worked as art editor and contributor to Mexconnect, an e-zine devoted to Mexican life and culture. She still writes the occasional book review for the online magazine.

Irene Reiches Roth

Concert Hall

Irina Reiches Roth grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania, and eventually moved to Israel where she met her husband, Charles. Now retired from a career as a math professor, Irina enjoys writing, reading, theatre and travel. Her two sons, Lyon and Daniel, are graduates of Harvard Law School and Yale Medical School, respectively. Irina and Charles live in Montreal and have seven grandchildren.


Claire Sherwood

Concert Hall

My process: I claw a poem out of Chaos, cut it up into words/ sentence fragments, then throw the words/fragments back into Chaos to create the zine.

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Cora Siré

Concert Hall

Cora Siré is the author of a novel, The Other Oscar (Quattro Books, 2016), and a poetry collection, Signs of Subversive Innocents (Signature Editions, 2014).
Her fiction, essays and poetry have appeared in magazines such as Geist, the Literary Review of Canada, Arc Poetry, The Puritan, Montreal Serai and Maisonneuve as well as in numerous anthologies.

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Caroline Vu

Concert Hall

Caroline Vu grew up in Saigon during the height of the Vietnam War. She now lives in Montreal, Canada after extended stays in the US, Latin America and Switzerland. She is the mother of two girls and works as a family physician in a community health clinic. She has published two novels: “Palawan Story” – finalist for the Concordia University First Book Prize and “That Summer in Provincetown”. Both novels deal with the psychological effects of war and displacement.

Riding the Elephant

Catharine McKenty

Concert Hall

Catharine Fleming McKenty grew up in thirties on her grandparent’s farm Donlands, beside the Don river in Toronto – on Don Mills Road then a two lane country road. She attended Bishop Strachan School where she won academic scholarships in both French and German. For her post secondary education, Catharine chose Victoria College at the University of Toronto where she majored in English under Northrop Frye.

After University Catharine had several occupations including volunteer in post-war European reconstruction, Research Editor for Pace magazine in Los Angeles, and speechwriter for the Ontario Minister of Education. Now living in Montreal, in 2009 she authored “Polly of Bridgewater Farm: an Untold Irish Story.”

Some of the authors participating in this edition of Art Westmount will do a public reading of their works. The author readings will take place in the Salon Prud’homme at Victoria Hall.

Author reading schedule:

Saturday, October 5th 

  • Cora Siré
    1:30 p.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Muriel Gold
    2 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Claire Sherwood
    3 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Sunday, October 6th

  • Catharine McKenty
    1 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
  • Irene Reiches Roth
    1:30 p.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Rita Pomade
    2 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Diana Bruno
    2:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.