Pruning of public trees in Westmount

Over the next several weeks, the City will carry out work as part of its cyclical pruning programme, with the assistance of contractor Services d’arbres Primeau inc. Most of the trees targeted for pruning are located between Sherbrooke and Ste-Catherine streets.

Pruning is an important part of Westmount’s regular tree maintenance and urban forest management. Regular pruning improves the health and prolongs the life of trees and contributes to their structural stability. In urban areas, pruning is necessary to remove dead, broken or split limbs, and prevent branches from interfering with wires, buildings and other structures, street lighting and traffic signals, or impeding the visibility of traffic. The City applies a cyclical schedule, pruning trees within a given area each year, resulting in a 5- to 7-year rotation overall.

If you would like to know whether a tree adjacent to your property is on the maintenance list, please consult the interactive map; trees marked for pruning are indicated in red. You will also find more information about trees, including a list of recommended species for Westmount, the municipal tree intervention plan, and an electronic form to request a tree inspection. If you have questions, please use the Contact Us form.