Presentation of the 2019-2021 Capital Works Budget

During the Special Council Meeting of November 5, 2018, Councillor Kathleen Kez, Commissioner of Finance, presented the 2019-2021 Capital Works Budget to Westmount’s Council. Here is the text of the presentation:

Mayor Smith, fellow Councillors, ladies and gentlemen,

I am pleased to present the City’s 2019-2021 Capital Works Budget.

Two years ago, the previous Council asked the City’s Administration to prepare a 20-year asset management plan. It was determined then that an annual average investment of $15.5M was required for regular capital works projects.

In 2019, we are delighted to present a total investment for capital works of $18.7M, which includes three special projects:

  • Beginning of the restoration of the heritage greenhouses ($700,000);
  • Phase 1 of the exterior restoration of City Hall ($1.6M); and the
  • Restoration of the incinerator building ($800,000).

More than 70% of this total capital works budget will be invested in roads, water & sewer systems, as well as buildings.

More specifically, the 2019 projects include the completion of the reconstruction of the following roads: Forden, Metcalfe (from Ste-Catherine to De Maisonneuve) and Ingleside, various water main rehabilitation projects and sidewalk reconstructions for example: Lansdowne and Upper Belmont, the restoration of the greenhouses, the incinerator building, phase 1 of the exterior of City Hall (building envelope) and various projects with Hydro Westmount to renew its overhead and underground infrastructure.

Furthermore, I am proud to announce that we will not have to borrow; $14.75M will be financed through our pay-as-you-go (PAYG) funding and $835,000 will be financed through grants. The greenhouse, incinerator building and City Hall projects will be financed by
appropriated surplus.

Council is pleased to present this three-year Capital Works Budget, which is in line with the 20 year investment report.

Council is clearly committed to continue its investment in the City’s infrastructure in order to bring it back to the high standard all Westmounters deserve.

With the above comments, I hereby table the 2019-2021 Capital Budget for Council’s approval.

Councillor Kathleen Kez
Commissioner of Finance

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