We invite you to discover Westmount’s exceptional parks and unique green spaces. Walking tours indicate the attractions of the different sectors, descriptions and a brief explanation of the singular history of each place.

The City of Westmount promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging its citizens to use the green spaces and public staircases as part of a health circuit.

OBJECTIVE: Given the level of interest shown in recent years for the use of Westmount’s Parks for outdoor fundraising, community events, weddings, birthday parties or receptions, Council has established the following conditions to clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both the City and the Event Organizers.

POLICY: Westmount is primarily a residential community and the present policy acknowledges this and attempts to minimize any inconvenience to its residents. Parks are for public use and should remain open and fully accessible to the public at all times.

DEFINTION – in applying this Policy:
“Community events” means local associations or associations represented by a Westmount resident.
1. Private events that require reservation of any parts of a park or delineation of an area with furniture, rope or fence are not permitted.
2. Fundraising events are not permitted.
3. Political or religious events are not permitted.
4. Community events that require the use of city parks involving 20 people or less do not require permission.
5. Community events that require the use of city parks involving more than 20 people shall not be permitted without the prior approval of the Director of Sports and Recreation. The use of city streets in relation to such events must be reviewed and approved by Public Security after having consulted the SPVM and the SSIM.
6. An application for a community event that requires the use of city parks involving more than 20 people, must be made by a Westmount resident or a Westmount-based community group. The application must be made to the Director of Sports and Recreation with the following information:

  • A detailed description of the event, including proposed date(s) and location;
  • Confirmation that the event is open and accessible to the entire community;
  • A site plan showing the concerned area of the park (or streets if applicable);
  • Logistic details such as security, collection of recyclable materials, post-event clean up and emergency contacts.

7. The City reserves the right to ask for a deposit of up to $15,000 which must be paid in full before the event permit is issued.
8. The costs of any services and materials provided by the City related to the event shall be deducted from said deposit, including but not limited to site supervision, resident surveys, traffic and parking control, electricity consumption and all other related activities.
9. Event organizers shall be held responsible for any extraordinary costs incurred by the City as a result of the event. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Overtime costs for City personnel;
  • Additional security deemed necessary by Westmount Public Security;
  • Post-event clean up;
  • Damage to City property;
  • Supply of electrical connections over the above what is normally available in the park.

10. No events contemplated in article 5 above shall be considered on any date between Fête Nationale (Fête de la St-Jean) and Labour Day, or on public holidays and between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
11. The City’s Director General shall have the right to revoke any permits should the Event Organizers fail to respect the terms and conditions of this policy or unilaterally change the nature or details of the event.
12. All requests made to Council members should be sent directly to the Director General.
13. Events organized by the City and its representatives are excluded from this policy.