New Pool Schedule

Through comments, observations and our aim to improve the pool experience, we have made changes to the Westmount pool’s schedule to increase the number of participants up to 249 extra swimmers per day while maintaining a safe environment during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We slightly reduced the time blocks to allow an increase of available time blocks throughout the day:

  • 45-minute time blocks for Lap Swim
  • 60-minute time blocks Senior Swim or Senior Aquafit (weekdays)
  • 45-minute time blocks Senior Swim (weekends)
  • 60-minute time blocks for General Swim

Cleaning time in-between time blocks will now be 15 minutes. Please be aware that NO CHAIRS WILL BE AVAILABLE.

This new schedule will officially start as of Friday, July 3rd, 2020, at 7 a.m. In addition, a new reservation start time will begin at noon every day starting July 3 and users may make their online reservations up to 3 days in advance. VISIT THE POOL RESERVATION PAGE >>

We, at the Sports and Recreation Department and our staff, will continue to look towards improving this process during this unique period in all of our lives. We thank you for your ongoing patience, understanding and support in making a less than ideal situation enjoyable.