New measures in effect for road safety in Westmount

The City meets seasonal increases in pedestrian traffic by giving extra attention to traffic calming measures that keep all road users safe. Have you noticed the new measures put in place in recent weeks?

New road paint has been used at key locations around the city to designate safer lanes at irregular intersections. It has also been used to extend sidewalks, making pedestrian traffic more visible to drivers, creating more space to avoid crowding at crosswalks, and effectively encouraging cars to keep their distance from the curb.

Also, a new signal-timing sequence is now in effect at the intersection of Grosvenor Avenue and Sherbrooke Street West that offers safer crossing for pedestrians. Previously, pedestrian traffic was at risk from drivers trying to “beat the light” on the turning priority for traffic headed east. Now, the traffic light sequence has been adjusted so the road traffic turning priority no longer precedes the pedestrian crossing, making the road safer for all.

Traffic calming measures include all interventions that make streets safer, whether by discouraging speeding and aggressive driving, or by enhancing pedestrian comfort. Many actions are simple and quick to implement. A design approach, such as painting on roads or signal-timing changes, introduces cost-effective and successful interventions not to be overlooked.

The safety of our citizens is always top of mind. Stay tuned for more road safety news as we prepare for the upcoming school year!