Needs Study for Westmount Indoor Pool

The needs study commissioned by the City of Westmount to determine if the current offer of indoor water activities meets the current and future needs of residents is now available for consultation on the City’s website.

The study, prepared by Groupe BC2, a firm specializing in urban design, landscape architecture, environment and strategy, was presented to the General Committee of Council on June 17, 2019.

In the document, you will find results of the study’s four phases.

It demonstrates that the YMCA’s indoor pool is currently the only one available to serve Westmount residents. However, it has a lower attendance compared to pools in other municipalities, particularly adults. This low attendance can be attributed to the fact that the pool does not meet all the needs of the City’s residents and current standards.

The high rate of participation of residents in aquatic activities during the summer and the comments collected from representatives of Westmount’s aquatic sports clubs, when compared to the current offer, indicate a strong interest in the construction of a new aquatic complex in line with current standards.

Council members wish to proceed with a feasibility study, the next phase of this project.

The document is available in the Major Projects section.