Minor exemptions

A request for a minor exemption is an exceptional procedure whereby City Council may authorize the execution of planned work or the regularization of work that does not comply with certain dispositions of the zoning by-law or the subdivision by-law.

Please note: for minor exemptions related to construction work, an application for a building permit or for a certificate of authorization must be filed before the application for a minor exemption.

➡️ Read By-law #1576 concerning minor exemptions

Analysis criteria

  • The exemption is consistent with the objectives of the City of Westmount Master Plan
  • The exemption is minor, in quantitative terms, in terms of environmental impact, and architectural terms
  • In the event of work that has already been carried out, it was performed in good faith and after obtaining a permit or certificate
  • The application of the regulatory provisions targeted by the application causes serious harm to the person requesting the minor exemption
  • The exemption shall not hinder the owners of neighbouring properties in the enjoyment of their right of ownership
  • The exemption does not exacerbate safety or public health risks or affect the quality of the environment or general well-being

Required for the preliminary analysis of your request by the Urban Planning Department:

Once all the documents have been submitted and your file is complete, the Urban Planning Department will process your request and carry out a preliminary analysis of your project. An agent will contact you to provide you with comments, if applicable, and to then proceed with payment of the fees for the current year once the file is ready to be studied by the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC).

All files must obtain a recommendation from the PAC before being subject to a decision by the municipal council.

The City Clerk shall, at least 15 days prior to the meeting at which the City Council will consider the request for a minor exemption, publish a public notice stating:

  • the date, time and place of the meeting at which Council will decide on the request;
  • the nature and effect of the request;
  • the designation of the immovable to which the request relates, using the adjacent roadway and the civic number or, failing that, the cadastral number;
  • a statement that any interested person may then be heard by council with respect to the request.

The decision of City Council, whether favourable or unfavourable, will be forwarded to the applicant. In the case of a favourable decision, the applicant will be able to submit a request for a building permit.