Message from the Mayor: Snow Removal Operations in Westmount 2020-2021

As we prepare for the fast-approaching cold weather, we wish to advise all residents of the changes we are making to our snow removal operations. While our staffing levels will be maintained, our crew will be divided into four teams and will be working different shifts in order to prevent overlap. The goal is to minimize the chances that Public Works staff members become infected with COVID-19.

We also aim to maintain our snow removal goals, which is to clear and load snowfalls from major snowstorms, within five days.

To meet these objectives, we have made the difficult decision to allow some streets to be cleared at night. As is our practice, the first streets to be cleaned will be commercial sectors, schools and emergency routes, followed by the remaining residential streets. We appreciate that, at times, night clearing may be disruptive for residents. We ask for both your patience and understanding during the coming months.

These measures will permit our staff to quickly and efficiently clear streets and sidewalks, allowing for safe and passable roads for our residents, while ensuring a healthy winter season for our employees.

Christina M. Smith
Mayor of the City of Westmount