Mayor’s Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week has set off protests across the United States, Canada and right here in Montreal. A father, taken from his family, because of the colour of his skin, like far too many before him. I stand in solidarity with the protesters, seeking a more just world without discrimination, inequality, systematic racism and injustice.

As a mother, I struggled with how to teach my children about why this is happening; I am raising my kids to believe that all are equal regardless of skin colour, religion or who you love, but that is clearly not enough. I know I need to do more, listen more and learn more to teach my children about discrimination and the role it plays in society. It is not enough to just not be racist, we must continually push for and demand of others a society where equality and justice for all is a reality.

Our public library has put together suggestions of books for kids, teens and adults to help in educating, discussing and bringing about change for the Black community. Click here for the list. This is a tiny part of the process, but it is a start, an important one. I am anxious to hear your suggestions.

A City that celebrates and encourages participation from everyone and pushes for diversity in its elected officials and employees will always be better. This cannot be a trend on social media but must be a lifelong commitment. You have that commitment from me, and I hope that I have it from you.