Maintenance on the water distribution network

The City of Montreal’s Water Supply Service will carry out maintenance work on the water distribution network on The Boulevard between McDougall Road and Belvedere Road and on Belvedere Road between The Boulevard and Sunnyside Avenue. These operations consist mainly of testing valves and flushing fire hydrants. The work will take place September 5th or 6th. Citizens living in buildings affected by the work (see list below) may notice water pressure drops at the tap or yellowish or rusty-coloured water.

Buildings affected by these operations (building number):

  • Sunnyside Avenue: # 2.
  • Belvedere road: #s 1 to 40.
  • Trafalgar Avenue: #s 3200, 3210, 3220 and 3230.

What to do in case of rusty-coloured water?
Reddish water can cause some inconvenience such as stains on washed laundry. To prevent damage, the City recommends checking the color of the water before using your washing machine, or any other appliance that uses water. If it is reddish, let the cold water run for a few minutes, mainly in the bathtub, until it becomes clear again. Normally, this water discoloration does not present any health hazards. The quality of the water will be monitored throughout this period.

The City of Montreal thanks you for your cooperation.